Color is Back!

pink ceiling

Excerpt from Charleston Gazette article on February 22:

“My favorite color since the third grade is chartreuse. Even when it wasn’t the color of the hour, it was always my color! I cannot conceal the joy it gives me to walk through my front door and see it on a pillow, a lamp or a fabric. Your favorite color can tell a story throughout your home, a pleasant refrain that carries you room to room.

Upon returning from recent market visits, one thing is very apparent: Color is back.

Warmer, brighter days are just around the corner, and there is a palpable shift in the way people are seeing their homes.

But even with the move toward fresh and new, many people find it difficult to pull their vision together without a little help. You may like the idea of a color, but where to begin?

Paint is a good choice. It is relatively inexpensive, and if you make a mistake you can change with a paintbrush.

Ceilings can be a perfect place for a surprise burst of color. The accompanying photograph shows a hot-pink ceiling in a traditional kitchen.

As the client commented, ‘When I thought of a pink kitchen, I immediately thought four walls would be too much. The ceiling was so unexpected and so right.’ “